Embroidery Digital Collection

How everything started

I created this project as a natural extension of my passion – embroidering. I learned how to make embroidery a few years ago. At the beginning it was difficult to find the Bulgarian embroidery models myself. As a designer, I started recreating it by myself. Then they gathered so much that I decided to organise them and share them with the world by making the first digital collection of Bulgarian embroidery.

Now, I am so proud that this project is one of the most popular platforms for Bulgarian folk embroidery in my country.

The embroidery models are grouped by region, and you can see how many models there are in the certain region.

Embroidery Models

This page shows the embroidery schemas. They visualizes traditional stitches and colours. We can read a description of the model and see the original authentic embroidery. Also we can see a list with stitches that are used, and the the color palette.

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