Sf Local Discover Sofia

Mobile Application

Project background

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. The city is а growing tourist destination attracting people with easy accessibility, low prices, variety of restaurants and local cuisine. If you want to get informed of what to see in Sofia during your stay it’s better to do it through the guidance of local people. They only know the best places, activities and experiences. So I developed an app that helps the non-local visitors to experience the city like a local.

This is educational project as a result of my attendance to Telerik Academy Alpha’s UI/UX course. 



What I do?

Mobile application for discovering and exploring Sofia like a local.


Sofia Municipality


The​ purpose is attracting tourists, also promoting the city and improving the city image.


Who are we designing for? The target users are men and women between the age of 18 to 55 years. Foreigners and Bulgarians coming form different cities. People who love traveling and exploring new places. Technology friendly.


The app should guide you through the city and help you finding a popular places which you MUST SEE. Find local places nearby. Book thematic tours with local guides and get local tips.

Information Architecture

User flows

Based on the research and survey I developed 3 main flows that represent the main functionalities of the app. The second and the third are parts of a bigger flow for Booking a Tour.

1. Find the sightseeing near the present location
User: A visitor who wants to find a sightseeing around him.

2. Choose a local thematic tour
User: A visitor who wants to find out more about the culture from the locals.

3. Book and pay the tour
User: A visitor who already choose the tour and wants to pay it.




My inspiration for colors came from 2 emblematic things that I associate with Sofia. The main thing for me is Vitosha Mountain. And the second is St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The colors I chose are green and yellow.
As yellow is used mostly in branding and logo, not so much in the real part of the application.

Color palette


The font I chose is the San Francisco family. There are two optical sizes Display and Text: Display is suitable for larger text as headings and Text for smaller text as paragraphs. Inspired by Helvetica. Its purpose is to have good readability on displays and especially on a really small screen, which makes it a suitable font for the purpose of this application.

Grid system

I based my design elements and relations between them on 8-point grid system.


Some of the components that I used icons, buttons, dropdown, tabulation, navigation bars.

Visual design


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